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Your GP practice is still open for business ​

All GP practices currently have capacity to meet your health needs.

All practices in Childwall Wavertree remain open, but of course, the ways in which they are providing care and services has changed.  This is in line with national guidance (the requirement to provide total triage) and important measures to keep patients and staff safe.

In response to the Coronavirus outbreak, a new and separate facility has opened at South Liverpool Treatment Centre to advise, see and support patients who have Coronavirus symptoms.  This important facility, which is appropriately staffed by GPs, is there to assess patients who cannot be managed via an initial telephone call or online consultation.

If a patient needs to see someone, they should call their local practice via telephone.  Patients will be asked a number of questions by appropriately trained reception staff to determine which health and care professional is best to deal with the problem; in most situations, a consultation can take place either online or by telephone.  If a patient needs to be seen in person and doesn’t have symptoms suggestive of Coronavirus, they will be invited into the practice to be seen.  This is particularly important for patients who have more urgent health issues, such as suspected cancer symptoms or severe abdominal pain.

Please do not be alarmed if your practice team are wearing personal protective equipment; it is an extra precaution to ensure that both you and the health professional don’t inadvertently pass something to each other. 

If a patient needs to be seen and has symptoms of Coronavirus or is self-isolating with someone else who has symptoms, this is when they may be referred to the new facility at South Liverpool Treatment Centre, dedicated to treat patients in a safe environment.  Patients will either be given advice or booked in for a face to face appointment, if necessary.

Pregnant women should still, if needed, contact their midwives.

If you have serious symptoms and suspect your condition may be urgent or life-threatening, do use A&E or ring 999.

Do not be afraid to attend hospital as there are measures in place to avoid transmission of Covid-19 in hospital settings.

The system is coping well because of everything we have done together to contain the spread of the virus over the last few weeks.

The practices in Childwall and Wavertree are open and there for you. It is important to still contact the practice for urgent problems or if you need advice as well as baby checks, childhood immunisations, cancer treatment and pregnancy related issues.

The way you access the practice has changed. This is line with government guidelines and also measures to help reduce the spread of the Coronavirus. The measures in place help protect you and staff at the various practices. So thank you for adapting to these changes.

Dr Ayo Adebanjo 
GP and Clinician Director

It is our NHS. If we need help, we should not stay away.

During these strange times, please stay home, protect the NHS and help save lives.